Made to Order: Amazing Artist Mug
Made to Order: Amazing Artist Mug

Made to Order: Amazing Artist Mug

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This mug is about a realization I had the other day. It stopped me dead in my tracks. I thought to myself: "Oh my god! What if I'm an incredible artist? And my job is to approach every as a chance my full creative potential?!" Here is a comic mug of the exact moment it all went down. I mean, what if we are all artists and this is our purpose here on earth? Crazier things have been true! This mug holds about 12 oz of coffee, tea, wine, or tequila.

Your mug will be made to order! All Amazing Artist mugs will be ready to ship out 6 weeks from ordering.

VARIATIONS MAY OCCUR - This mug was made in a series, the mug you receive may have slight variations to the one in the picture.

Each piece is wonkily handbuilt and hand-drawn. Each line and color is done by me! If you are looking for a pristine piece of handmade ceramics then this is not it! It is built securely but with character. It is food and microwave safe, but I would recommend lovingly hand-washing it. Each piece is one of a kind, made out of earthenware clay and sgraffito-ed with goofy imagery.