The little things is a collaboration between Sophie Treppendahl and Molly Anne Bishop - an exploration of our practices through the lens of the pandemic. We've each created a handful of small works on canvas and paper each, changing the scale of our usual work.

      50% of the proceeds from the sale of the work in The Little Things benefits Sarah's Circle a non-profit organization with a mission of serving women who are homeless or in need of a safe space. Located in Chicago's Uptown Community, Sarah's Circle has provided support for thousands of women since 1979. Sarah's Circle has a Daytime Support Center open to any woman in need, a 50-bed interim housing (shelter) program for women who are currently homeless, and permanent supportive housing for women who have a disabling condition and have been chronically homeless. Across programs Sarah's Circle staff use best practices and provide case management and supportive counseling to help women achieve their goals.

      For this project, Sophie primarily painted windows she has seen on walks during the pandemic that served as glimmers of life and hope. Our homes have been harbors of protection and safety throughout this crisis for those of us lucky enough to have them, and thanks to the work at Sarah's Circle, people in need have had safety and shelter during this crisis. Molly's illustrations focus mostly on women and feelings of belonging. Molly's work for this series intends to straddle a line between somber and humorous, exploring what life during a pandemic looks like. These ideas of belonging, identity, yearning and home feel connected to the mission of Sarah's Circle. 

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