13: Dog Napping


In a perfect storm of paranoia-inducing social media scrolling this week, I read about a Rover sitter stealing someone's dog and then a string of dog-nappings in the DC area. I know myself too well to check the local news to see if this is a thing in Chicago, too. I've been walking Toad a lot lately (Pete would rather stay home, as he is 2 and has bad knees smdh) and the idea of someone trying to take either of them away from me is terrifying. 

My favorite part of this comic is the dog-napping scene. There's something kinda cute about the dog-napper, and it was fun to draw something imagined and action-packed. Sometimes I get down on myself because my comics don't have a lot of action - they're mostly just conversations on the sofa or at the dinner table, and they rely heavily on the text rather than the drawing. The comics I've been sharing are such a departure from the comics we grew up with, like Batman or other superheroes, where the action is described visually through big, sweeping, dramatic illustrations. Even Peanuts or Mark Trail (a newspaper daily with an ecological bent that my mom would clip out and put in my lunch sometimes) have more scene changes than the panels I draw. 

But then I remember Cathy and feel fine. Nothing too BIG happened in Cathy comics, or rather, nothing big by Batman standards. Things played out in conversations between the characters. I guess I must read more Cathy and understand my roots. 

I have an idea for a post that explains my comic process, I'm hoping to get that together by mid-week next week. I have learned a lot of little tricks for these kinds of things that I'd love to share if you're interested!

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