25: Good Person

This "comic" came from a sketchbook drawing exercise. Sometimes I just write down a whole list of ideas for drawings and one begets another. I wrote "I'm tired of seeking" and then I had the idea of feeling worn out with trying to be a better person. I've long been obsessed with the culture around self-help books and their appeal to women - and so it felt funny to draw a scene of me, dead-eyed, surrounded by self help books and other things that help me be a "good person" - Rx drugs, water, wine, the lack of wine, creams and skincare, all among dirty clothes on the floor. This is an idea I've started to explore more explicitly in my ceramic work (here, here, here) and I'm excited to keep drawing about this. Feel free to drop other ways you work on self-improvement in the comments. I'm wishing now I would've included a celery juice in this illo.

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  • Nicole

    It’s never ending!

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