20: Self Employment

I was on the phone this morning making a doctor's appointment and I had to answer the "employment" question. I always hate this question because it makes me feel a combination of imposter syndrome and anticipated stress, like I'm going to have to explain my job to a person who won't get it. This time, however, the woman on the other line said "you go girl" (which is actually legitimately such a fun thing to say and I think we need to bring it back). I tend to say self-deprecating things in this situation but I'm working on trying to own it and banish that imposter feeling. Here I am, sitting on a couch that my job paid for, petting a dog that I feed/groom/vet with my own damn money from my own damn business. It's important to celebrate the wins as they come along, and the sweet comment this morning from a phone stranger gave me a pause to feel proud of myself. 

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