20: Self Employment

I was on the phone this morning making a doctor's appointment and I had to answer the "employment" question. I always hate this question because it makes me feel a combination of imposter syndrome and anticipated stress, like I'm going to have to explain my job to a person who won't get it. This time, however, the woman on the other line said "you go girl" (which is actually legitimately such a fun thing to say and I think we need to bring it back). I tend to say self-deprecating things in this situation but I'm working on trying to own it and banish that imposter feeling. Here I am, sitting on a couch that my job paid for, petting a dog that I feed/groom/vet with my own damn money from my own damn business. It's important to celebrate the wins as they come along, and the sweet comment this morning from a phone stranger gave me a pause to feel proud of myself. 


  • Lauren

    You go girl! Enjoy that house your finance husband bought you while talking on the phone your parents paid for while lounging around in the middle of the day! If only we could all be so successful!

  • Melly

    It’s a nice sentiment, but I noticed a big shift in your insta after you married a guy in finance – like you went from food stamps to owning a house and going on lots of vacations. I’m glad you earn enough from making t-shirts to afford dog food though!

  • Caroline

    You go girl! How exciting that you can do all that! I hope that this success continues and grows so that you’re able to be totally self sufficient – maybe you’ll get to add a weighted vest to your list!

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