17: The Notebook

Well I wouldn't call it groundbreaking or novel, but keeping a pocket-size notebook with me has been a personal revelation. Most all of these comic ideas came from a little note I jotted down in my notebook. I also collect my favorite quotes from books I'm reading or ideas for newsletters. 
I was talking to a friend on the phone the other day about journaling. He told me a story about writing in his journal to himself in a reassuring way, reminding himself that everything would be fine regarding a project he's been working on. He flipped back a few pages and saw that he had written nearly the same thing a few days before and had completely forgotten that he had already had this conversation with himself. He said, "why did I forget that I learned this already?" which is the perfect way to sum it up and it made me laugh. 
I am always re-learning the same stuff about myself and it's frustrating! This comic is the product of thinking about this truth and journaling/notebook-keeping as a form of understanding oneself. 
Curious if others keep a notebook like this? Do you prefer the notes app on your phone? Are you good at looking back at the records you're keeping?

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