15: Dinner Decisions

Eric does this to me every time we eat. I do the majority of the cooking in our house (although he wants the world to know he cooked two meals this week for our fam - salmon on Sunday and hot dogs and steamed broccoli on Thursday - thanks Eric!) and so while I'm cooking he usually "helps" out by asking me a million questions about which plate to use, which candles to light, etc. It's a little maddening but then I remember that I'm obsessed with setting tables so I guess he still feels like he's getting his sea legs when it comes to expressing himself through the medium of tablescaping. I get it, I can be intimidating. 
Here is the first new comic that I'm posting on the (free!) blog. The earlier comics you'll find here are from a brief experiment with Patreon, which I decided was not for me. It felt weird to hide the comics behind a paywall when my ultimate goal is to get as many eyes on them as possible. I spent a bit of time importing all of the Patreon content here, and now feel free to scroll and read and - if you feel like it - comment! I'd love for these comics to spark broader conversations, and if that feels too lofty, I'd love to just hear what you think! I'll also be posting my recommendations and some short-form essay style writing here, à la my newsletter. I'm thrilled to have a home for all of this for posterity. Special thanks to everyone who supported me on Patreon while I tried it out, it means the world to me! 

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  • Ian

    Those are East Fork plates, aren’t they?

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