11: Marriage Honesty

In late September of last year, I was chatting with a friend who was married a month before my husband and I were. Since being married, I've felt a lot of ups and downs. I don't regret it, and I love my partner, but it's also a very interesting feeling to be so bound to someone. I often overthink things - sometimes this quality serves me but maybe sometimes I get too cerebral. Anyway, I thought that by sharing this I could connect with this woman, and perhaps build a bit more intimacy between us - but she immediately shut me down. It made me feel a little lonely! Since then I've had plenty of honest conversations with others who can relate, and I don't feel as weird or odd for having these feelings. If anything, I think I feel more honest. I even talk to my husband about it and he gets it! And if this woman and her husband stay together, I'm sure she'll have these feelings once in a while. Marriage is weird. But also good. 

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