10: Colonial Christmas

I have this deranged dream to put real candles on our christmas tree. I know it's not safe and I'll never actually do it but can you imagine how pretty it would be? Anyway, I really have been wanting to watch a movie set in colonial America lately - do you have any recs? I can't bring myself to watch the Patriot. 

I think this comes from growing up in Virginia maybe. There is a colonial town there called Williamsburg where everyone is dressed up like someone during the period and they're all doing stuff in character and you can walk around and ask them questions. My memories are that it was so cool and also fascinating but I'm also curious to see how I'd feel about it now. 

In college I made a movie about the Boston tea party and staged it with an iguana playing all the roles. I purchased the iguana from a pet store for the movie and then returned him when shooting was done. To find a little tri-cornered hat that would fit this guy, I drove an hour or so to Colonial Williamsburg to find a mini hat. Do you ever feel like you've already had all your best ideas?

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