09: Compliments

I came home the other night from dinner with Joe and this happened. For some reason I've been thinking about compliments lately. I'm not sure what spurred it. The other day I went for a haircut and my hair stylist and I were kinda brainstorming new years resolutions. I think I landed on "2023: the year of complimenting people more." Actually I have some other ideas too but I still have a week to figure this out. Anyway the next day I complimented my therapist - not on  her clothing or anything, but I said that I liked the way she worked with me because she participates more in a dialogue rather than just listening to me monologue. Anyway, here's to telling people positive feedback, because I think it's a nice thing to do! And this compliment from Joe really meant a lot to me because I spend a lot of effort trying to build muscle and, unfortunately, no one really notices my gains. But Joe notices!! So that's nice. 

also something about this look back behind the shoulder drawing really cracked me up.

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