06: Summer Ice Cream

I drew this in my sketchbook this past summer and decided I would post it today because a) I thought it would be a nice memory of warmer times, b) I didn't have time to draw something new because I was traveling and working c) I never got to share this but I really like it. 

I love making comics (if they can count as a comic) with one scene and a lot of text bubbles. I've found this style to be tricky in terms of broader appeal. I have a print in the style of scene-with-expository-bubbles like this comic and people respond well to the print in person but it doesn't really sell online. I have another print in this style that hasn't ever sold once. I can't tell if the bath print does better than the hiking print because it's a screenprint vs a digital print, or if the imagery is more relatable, or if the text is more legible, or what. Maybe the hiking print is too busy and the graphic style that screenprint allows works better with such a chaotic image.

Anyway I've been messing around with conveying a story in this way for awhile and I'll probably keep trying to make it work. 

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